Understanding the Influence of a Security Champions Program


Security champions are integral in running a smooth business and scaling up successfully. Okta/Auth0 Senior Director of Security & Privacy Engineering Chitra Dharmarajan stresses why setting up a security champions program within the organization can drastically improve working relationships and keep information well-protected. She joins Thoughtworks CISO Nitin Raina to discuss the best time to start your own program and the right strategies to make it effective. Chitra calls for a methodical approach to develop training and realign expectations that will help improve the skills and capabilities of security champions.

LingRaj Patil
Exec Chair, The Purple Book Community, VP of Marketing, ArmorCode
Raj is the Head of Marketing at ArmorCode and Executive Chair of The Purple Book Community. He is a renowned speaker and business growth leader with more than 25 years of experience spanning engineering and marketing in Seed, Series A, Unicorn, and Fortune 500 companies.
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