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To build a purpose driven, trusted, and safe community that equips people with the expertise to embrace secure development practices, connect with other practitioners to solve the ever-evolving challenges, and ultimately democratize software security.

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Securing software in a world moving at the speed of DevOps is a monumental challenge. So, 25+ innovative security leaders have come together to take this challenge head-on, and write not only a modern reference book to address it, but build a community around it.

This book and the vibrant community supporting it have been designed to create awareness, share challenges, and promote best practices to inspire you to take action.

This book will be shared as a free resource with all so we can work towards simplifying software security and help our organizations stay secure and compliant.

This book will release in Q3 2021 and we are currently inviting leading practitioners to join in the dialogue. Come join us!

Security Leaders Coauthoring This Book

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One Book, Many Goals

Create Awareness About Software Security Challenges
Create a common understanding about the biggest challenges in Software, Application, and Product Security.
Create a Valuable Resource for the Industry
Create a book with insights and best practices that the practitioners can put to use
Facilitate Networking
Provide a platform for practitioners, thought leaders, and influencers to network and exchange ideas
Be Recognized for Thought Leadership
Get industry recognition for your Thought Leadership in this domain


I am pretty stoked for the launch of The Purple Book & Community. It has been a few months in the making and it was great to exchange insights and experiences with solid security folks. Thank you, team!
Poornaprajna Udupi
CTO, Good Money, ex-Netflix Security
The Purple Book is a useful guide and community of practitioners focused on accelerating software delivery while ensuring it’s secure, enabling digital transformation, and increasing business value.
Shaun Khalfan
SVP, CISO, Discover Financials