The Powerful Role of Security Champions


Security experts are often seen as blockers in an organization, disconnected and distant from the rest of the departments. It is up to security champions like Bob Zinga to influence people to see them as partners in the most crucial situations. Bob joins Nitin Raina to share his role in raising security awareness to improve interconnection among different departments. He explains why security must be a major concern throughout the year, as well as how to train people to adapt this mindset to design highly functional cultures that are safe at all levels.

LingRaj Patil
Exec Chair, The Purple Book Community, VP of Marketing, ArmorCode
Raj is the Head of Marketing at ArmorCode and Executive Chair of The Purple Book Community. He is a renowned speaker and business growth leader with more than 25 years of experience spanning engineering and marketing in Seed, Series A, Unicorn, and Fortune 500 companies.
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