Road to CISO: Nitin Raina


The Purple Book Podcast returns for an even bigger and better Season 2! We're joined by long-time member and Thoughtworks' distinguished CISO Nitin Raina, kicking off a new series for #PBPod—Road to CISO. Journeying through Nitin's career highlights and broad experience we learn skills for effective leadership, uncover the unexpected places we find mentors, and explore how CISOs of today and tomorrow should equip themselves for success in a changing threat landscape.

Nitin Raina
CISO, Thoughtworks
Nitin has close to 24 years of experience in performing IT, Security and Risk leadership roles for various organisations and serves as a global advisor tasked with prioritising and evaluating trade-offs and conflicts among various security initiatives within the realm of ThoughtWorks businesses. Proven leadership with key skills like security governance, compliance, budgeting, hiring, risk management, project management, mentoring, negotiation, and problem-solving skills demonstrated throughout his career.
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LingRaj Patil
Exec Chair, The Purple Book Community, VP of Marketing, ArmorCode
Raj is the Head of Marketing at ArmorCode and Executive Chair of The Purple Book Community. He is a renowned speaker and business growth leader with more than 25 years of experience spanning engineering and marketing in Seed, Series A, Unicorn, and Fortune 500 companies.
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