Purple Book Community's Global Expansion Program

PBC is expanding its mission of supporting security professionals around world,
and we’d like you to lead the movement.

Heading a Purple Book Community Chapter sets you apart in the field as a leader among leaders,
and gives you the opportunity to shape the software, application, and product security dialogue
that matters most in your region.

PBC Chapter Leader Responsibilities:

  • Identify members in the region
  • Identify other leaders to be on the leadership team
  • Invite their network of connections to join the PBC
  • Qualify members to admit to PBC
  • Grow chapter memberships
  • Establish monthly meeting schedules
  • Decide topics of interest, relevant to the region for monthly meetings
  • Participate, host podcasts
  • Take part in panel discussions
  • Contribute to blogs
  • Be part of the main chapter

Benefits of Chapter Leadership:

  • Turbo charge your professional network, influence and branding
  • Shape and influence the regional and global security agenda
  • Be a speaker in panel discussions and podcasts
  • Be a speaker at AppSecCon - world's leading AppSec event for leaders
  • Be nominated to speak at prominent industry events
  • Be nominated for spotlight in leading industry publications
  • Mentor upcoming leaders
  • Attend PBC leader only summits
  • Take advantage of a tiered recognition program - Diamond, Platinum, Gold